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2011 News


21 March 2011:  Today Mr. Gregory Sparkman and Mr. Todd Moore of Houston have joined us as Dao Li Yuan (Members) #110 and #111, respectively.  Both Gregory and Todd have a great deal of interest and expertise in traditional Chinese arts, science, culture and Daoism, and Todd is of the Ching Cheng Mountain Daoist order.  A most welcome addition to the Dao Li Jiao!


16 March 2011:  Dr. Wong returned home safely from his travels in China yesterday, after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan delayed his flight back to Houston for a few days.  He arrived with the news that we have two more Dao Li Yuan (Members) who have joined the Dao Li Jiao.  Ms. Zhang Xiu Bi of Xiamen, Fujian Province in Mainland China is Dao Li Yuan #108, and Mr. Matthew Bell of Houston is Dao Li Yuan #109.  Ms. Zhang has ties to the U.S. since her daughter lives in Tucson, Arizona, and Mr. Bell is currently studying Xingyiquan with Dr. Wong.  Warmest welcome to you both!


8 February 2011:  As Dr. Wong prepares for his most recent trip to China, he let us know that we have two new Dao Li Yuan (Members) from the Houston area.  Mr. Patrick Lovitt joins us as Dao Li Yuan #106 and Mr. Gregg Wolf is Dao Li Yuan #107. 


Patrick Lovitt (Chinese name Lao Da Long) is originally from San Francisco and now permanently based in Houston.  He began training in traditional Shaolin Wu Gong at age 8 with Shaolin Temple Monk Shi Su Wei, and continued until he joined the U.S. Navy at age 18.  At age 28, he resumed Shaolin training under Shaolin Temple Monk Shi De Shan for another three years.  Today he is still serving in the Navy, learning Xing Yi Quan and Ba Gua Zhang from our Founder Dr. Her Yue Wong, and is focusing his study on Nei Gong and the Way of Reason.  In 2005 Patrick also began studying traditional Oriental Medicine and is currently finishing a Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Degree at the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, where he treats patients as an intern.


Gregg Wolf hails from Los Banos, California and now calls Houston home.  He served in the U.S. Air Force in the 1980s as a Communications Specialist at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, and is a graduate of the Utah College of Massage Therapy, Las Vegas Branch.  Gregg is also currently studying at the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Houston, and is due to graduate in December 2011 with a Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  He previously practiced Mantak Chia's Daoist Qigong with Jampa Stewart in Austin and Chen Taijiquan with Dasifu Shi De Shan, a 31st generation Shaolin monk at the Houston Songshan Shaolin Temple.  He will continue his training in the Ching Yi Kung Fu System with our Founder upon Dr. Wong's return from China next month.


Most impressive credentials, Gentlemen!  It is an honor to have you join us as we research the Way of Reason.  Welcome Patrick and Gregg!


16 January 2011:  Moving forward into the New Year, the Dao Li Jiao greets our first Dao Li Yuan (Member) of 2011, Mr. Ray Rodriguez of Houston, Texas.  Ray studies Taijiquan with Ching Yi Kung Fu Association Black Belt Kent Hampton and is President of Cross/Talk-Houston, which provides cutting edge telecommunications solutions to meet the needs of today's changing business environment.  Welcome, Ray!  We look forward to your contributions as we research the Way of Reason!


2010 News


13 December 2010:  It is a indeed a pleasure to announce that Mr. Douglas Lohafer (Chinese name Luo Daoge), originally of Holstein, Iowa and now permanently based in San Jose, California, has joined us as Dao Li Yuan #104.  He is currently in Richland, Washington working at Hanford in Health Physics and studying the Ching Yi Kung Fu System at CYKFA Black Belt Kraig Stephens' Old Warrior Horse Academy in Richland.  Doug's previous martial arts experience includes training with Franklin Williams in Sioux City, Iowa; a brown belt in Judo; and instruction in TiAiKi (Tibetan Taiji and Meditation) with Grandmaster Ron Lew at the Tiger Eye Claw Center in San Jose.  He has been studying at the Old Warrior Horse Academy since mid-2010 and has attained the rank of Yellow Sash.


In addition to his martial arts background, Doug holds a Master of Science Degree in Radiological Health Physics from San Jose State University and a B.A. in Biology and Chemistry from Luther College in Iowa.  He is also a Deacon at Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church in San Jose, California and in July 2010 he took vows as a Camaldolese Benedictine Oblate at New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur, California.  Since joining the Dao Li Jiao he has focused his study on the I Ching, The Asian Journal of Thomas Merton, and Dao Li Jiao Founder Dr. Her Yue Wong's book Inside the Way of Reason.  Welcome, Doug!  It's great to have you with us!


8 December 2010:  As we near the end of another very productive year for the Dao Li Jiao, the results are official for the annual election of two new Dao Li Shi (Scholars of the Way of Reason).  Brothers and successful Southeast Asian businessmen Dao Li Yuan (Member) #32 Mr. Chuanger LI  and Dao Li Yuan #33 Mr. Lunger LI were elected by a vote of the current Dao Li Shi to become our most recently appointed Dao Li Shi.  Chuanger Li has studied Daoist philosophy and meditation for many years and gained a great deal of understanding of the Way of Reason.  Lunger Li is a martial artist who practices the T・ai Chi Ch・uan (Taijiquan) he learned from a student of the legendary Cheng Man-Ching, as well as the Hsing Yi Ch・uan (Xingyiquan) and Pa Kua Tsang (Baguazhang) that he learned from our Founder Dr. Her Yue Wong.  Super congratulations Messrs. Li!


20 October 2010:  SPECIAL ANNOUCEMENT:  Dao Li Jiao Founder Dr. Her Yue Wong's landmark book "Inside the Way of Reason" has now been published and is available to the public.  This is a most enlightening work that has taken years to reach fruition, and all chapters are presented in both Chinese and English languages.  We expect that all Dao Li Yuan, as well as anyone who wants to further their health, peace of mind, longevity, and understanding of the Universe and the Way of Reason, will find this unique text of immeasurable value.  Click here for additional details and ordering information.


27 August 2010:  Today Dr. Wong awarded Ching Yi Kung Fu Association Black Belt #88 and Dao Li Yuan (Member) certification #103 to Mr. John A. Douvillier of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  John was one of our early practitioners of the Ching Yi Kung Fu System back in the 1970s and has since gained international recognition as a master martial arts practitioner and instructor in numerous disciplines.  He holds Kudan (9th Degree Black Belt) rank in Bei Koku Aibujutsu Ryu, as well as a broad range of other certifications.  He has taught martial arts, including edged weapons training, to military and police organizations, served three years in the Middle East supporting the war in Iraq, and is currently an Oklahoma County Reserve Deputy Sheriff.  You can read more about John's background on the Mushin Kan website.


In addition to his martial arts and law enforcement commitments, John enjoys a rich family life with his children, grandchildren, and one great grandchild.  He continues his practice of Taijiquan, and is a devout Christian who also finds value in studying the Daoist texts that form the foundation of the Dao Li Jiao reading list.  John's insights and perspectives will be a most welcome contribution as we research the Way of Reason.  It's great to have you with us, John!


23 July 2010:  It is with great pleasure that the Dao Li Jiao announces the appointment of Mr. Lance G. Johnson as Dao Li Yuan (Member) #102.  He was also in the news earlier this month when he was awarded Ching Yi Kung Fu Association Black Belt #87 at the CYKFA and Dao Li Jiao awards ceremony and luncheon held at Dr. Wong's home on 10 July.  Lance has been training in the martial arts with Dr. Wong for the past two years and making great progress.  He previously held a Master of Business Administration degree from Texas Southern University, and now is in his second year of a 3-year Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree program at the Houston Graduate School of Theology.  He has over 23 years experience in the financial services industry and is currently transitioning toward a new position in that field.  Welcome Lance!  It is great to have you join us in our research into the Way of Reason.


10 July 2010:  A gathering of Ching Yi Kung Fu Association and Dao Li Jiao members was held today at the Bellaire, Texas home of our Founder, Dr. Her Yue Wong.  The occasion was to recognize the achievements of some of our most recent members.  An awards ceremony where Dr. Wong presented 5 CYKFA Black Belt certificates and 4 Dao Li Yuan certificates was followed by a buffet luncheon and martial arts demonstrations. 


In addition to Dr. Wong, attendees included Mary Griffin, Kent Hampton, Lance Johnson, Robert Jung, Larry Kelly, Joe Love, Crista Meyer, Leo Anne-Meyer, Jean-Michel Oosterlinck, Dan Rausch, Lisa Samorajski, Becky Smith, Long Long Tang, Sylvia Ho Tang, Blake Whitaker, Kenny Wong, Michael Wong, Mrs. Su Yun Wong, Dr. Tien Pei Wong, and other family members and friends.  Several snapshots of the event are available on the Houston Photos section of the CYKFA Photo Gallery page.


Over lunch, the members held spirited discussions on Kung Fu and the Way of Reason, exchanging information and ideas for the future.  This gathering serves as an excellent preview of things to come when we hold the CYKFA 40th Anniversary Reunion and Retreat in Houston in 2012.  It is going to be a landmark event to which we are all looking forward with eager anticipation!


3-5 June 2010:  Three new Dao Li Yuan (Members) have joined us over the past couple of days and our rolls now exceed 100!  First, Mr. Joe Love, a law enforcement officer in the Houston area and Xingyiquan student of our Founder Dr. Wong, became Dao Li Yuan #99.  Next, the honor of becoming Dao Li Yuan #100 goes to Mr. Blake Whitaker of Houston.  He is the son of Dao Li Yuan #85 Ms. Lisa Samorajski, and a martial arts student of Mr. Kent Hampton, Dao Li Yuan #60.   Blake is a practitioner of Wing Chun Kung Fu, a graduate of the University of Houston with a major in Journalism, now working at the Houston Press newspaper.  Welcome Joe and Blake!


Then, Mr. Henry (Hank) Koski of Richland, Washington joins us as Dao Li Yuan #101.  He is a native Washingtonian with a broad occupational background ranging from retail marketing to construction, and has been a member of the U.S. Postal Service for the past 15 years.  He and his wife Kathy have two children, Ruben and Eileen.  Hank and Ruben are both practitioners of Ching Yi Kung Fu in the classes of CYKFA Black Belt and Dao Li Shi (Scholar of the Way of Reason) Kraig Stephens・ Pasco-Kennewick, Washington Old Warrior Horse Academy.  Both were promoted to Yellow Sash (Intermediate) level on the same day, and are now preparing for promotion to the Green Sash (Advanced) level.  Hank relates that he had serious health issues before taking up Kung Fu training, which have since greatly improved, and that he has found Dr. Wong's writings on the Way of Reason to provide significant insight and peace of mind in dealing with everyday life.  Most excellent; that is exactly what we strive to achieve through the practice of Ching Yi Kung Fu and the study of the Way of Reason.  Welcome, Hank!  It's great to have you with us!


30 May 2010:  The Dao Li Jiao membership roster continues to close in on the number 100 as we add three more of Ching Yi Kung Fu Association and Dao Li Jiao Founder Dr. Her Yue Wong・s Tai Ji Quan students from the Houston area.  First, Ms. Crista Meyer joins us as Dao Li Yuan (Member) #96.  She is a Tai Ji practitioner and wife of Dao Li Yuan #87, Mr. Russ Meyer.  Next is Russ・ sister, Ms. Leo-Anne Meyer, a Physical Therapist and Dao Li Yuan #97.  Then, Dao Li Yuan #98 is Dr. Happy Babbish, another Tai Ji practitioner and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in Houston.  A hearty welcome to you all!


30 May 2010:  Today CYKFA Black Belt #68, Dao Li Yuan #56, and Dao Li Shi (Scholar of the Way of Reason) Kraig Stephens of Washington State submitted the name of one of his top martial arts students for membership in the Dao Li Jiao.  Mr. Brian Keelean was awarded the title of Dao Li Yuan #95 by Dr. Wong on this date.  In addition to his training with Kraig, Brian has a strong background in other martial arts, holding Brown Belt rank in both Aikijujutsu and Wing Chun Kung Fu.  He is now at the Old Warrior Horse Academy Intermediate (Yellow Sash) level in the arts of Tai Ji Quan and Xing Yi Quan, and will soon be testing for Green Sash (Advanced) level and embarking on the study of Ba Gua Zhang.  Brian・s son Alec is also a practitioner of our martial arts at Kraig・s Old Warrior Horse Academy, and working on his own certification at the Yellow Sash level.  Kraig relates that Brian was one of the first of his students to eagerly dig into Dr. Wong・s book Inside the Way of Reason when it was published, and has expressed his strong interest in studying philosophical Daoism and learning more about the workings of the Universe.  Welcome, Brian!  It・s great to have you join us!


19 May 2010:  Ms. Peggy Chen of the Los Angeles area joined the Dao Li Jiao as Dao Li Yuan (Member) #94.  Peggy is the niece of our Founder Dr. Her Yue Wong and has expressed a desire to further her knowledge of the Way of Reason through study of the Dao, the Universe, and their relation to human existence.  Welcome Peggy!


19 May 2010:  We of the Dao Li Jiao are very pleased to welcome Mr. Donald Lockwood of Coronado, California as Dao Li Yuan (Member) #93.  Donald has made a lifetime study of Chinese and Western Esotericism.  He started practicing Hatha Yoga via Richard Hittleman's original program in 1961.  His interest in Western Esoteric systems manifested early; for example, he bought Aleister Crowley's Magick in Theory and Practice and A. E. Waite's Book of Ceremonial Magic in the summer of 1963 when he was twelve years old.  Donald's brother introduced him to the Dao De JIng, the Yi Jing and Tai Ji Quan in his mid-teens.  Donald and his brother the first students to enroll when Ching Yi Kung Fu Association President Michael Alan Brown started teaching the Ching Yi Kung Fu System in San Diego in the 1970s.  Donald focused on Daoism in his late teens because of the realization that the Dao De Jing's first chapter was a rough equivalent to the fundamental theorem of general semantics (the map is not the territory), Gödel's incompleteness theorem (any formal system complex enough to do basic arithmetic is either incomplete or contains contradictions) and his growing understanding of physics as a system of 'models' which are basically mathematically coherent 'maps', leading him to a view of learning as an open ended search for ever expanding horizons of meta-systems which both unify and elucidate the meanings of the systems which form their parts.   Reading Michael Saso's Taoism and the Rite of Cosmic Renewal circa 1976 lead to a different emphasis in his study of Daoism.  As important as Daoism was, thanks to reading Irving Cherniss' The Philosophical Economy of the Theory of Ideas around 1980, Donald realized the usefulness of Platonism for unifying ethics, epistemology and metaphysics.  In late 2000, thanks to Du Weiming's Humanity and Self-cultivation he realized the fundamental importance of 'ren' as a unifying principle that brought together all studies as aspects of self-realization. 


Always interested in the interaction between science and esoteric subjects, he has fruitfully combined analysis and synthesis to elucidate the structure of the Whole while doing justice to its parts.  Not concerned with social standing, he has declined the paper testimonials to his study and diligence which colleges might have awarded him, but followed a self determined course of study in which there has been a constant dialogue between theory and practice leading to a deepening understanding of both.  This has resulted in a knowledge of the Western Philosophic/Esoteric traditions which has been characterized as 'encyclopedic' and as good an understanding of the intricacies of Chinese metaphysical and esoteric traditions as one can achieve relying on the material available in English. 


Present interests include the real interrelation between modern science and the esoteric traditions (in contradistinction to the misleading 'new age' interpretations), the extension of the Renaissance philosopher and magician Cornelius Agrippa's notion of 'Mathematical Philosophy,・ (the exploration of the inner meaning of Mathematics and its practical application to esoteric practice) into the realms of modern mathematics,  tracing the origins of Chinese 'alchemical' meditation back to Warring States material in Mencius and the Guanzi, the Lingbao and Shanqing ritual and mediation systems, among other things too numerous to detail.   Donald・s insights from decades of broad and in-depth explorations will certainly be of immeasurable benefit to the Dao Li Jiao as we continue our research into the Dao and the Way of Reason.  Welcome Donald!


10 May 2010:  The Dao Li Jiao is proud to announce today that Ms. Christina Lin of Los Angeles was awarded the titles of Ching Yi Kung Fu Association Black Belt #82 and Dao Li Yuan (Member) #92 by our Founder, Dr. Her Yue Wong.  Christina is a longtime martial artist who holds the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt in Modern Chinese Wushu, and comes from a most distinguished family.  Her father received his Ph.D. from Yale University and is now a professor of mathematics at San Jose State University.  Dr. Lin was a classmate of Dr. Wong in Taiwan from middle school through college, and studied Kung Fu with the same teachers as Dr. Wong, the brothers Hsu Feng Nan and Hsu Tsu Chang.  Christina・s mother is a direct descendant of Qing Dynasty Chinese royalty.  Most prestigious indeed!  Welcome Christina!  


22 January 2010:  The New Year continues its great start as we welcome Dao Li Yuan (Member of the Dao Li Jiao) #91, Mr. Shaer Islam of Norman, Oklahoma.  Originally of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Shaer moved to the U.S. in 1991 and now makes his home in Norman.  Earlier this month, as a student of Ching Yi Kung Fu Association (CYKFA) Black Belt Instructor Silas Wolf, he was promoted to the rank of CYKFA Black Belt #81.  Shaer got his start in the martial arts at the age of nine as a Taekwondo practitioner, then studied Western boxing and the Brazilian art of Capoeira before beginning his training in the Ching Yi Kung Fu System.  He is also an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys climbing and soccer.  Academically, Shaer has completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology and plans to continue his studies toward a Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics.  Welcome, Shaer!


1 January 2010:  Today is a day for DOUBLE celebration for the Dao Li Jiao!  It is the 75th birthday of our Founder Dr. Her Yue Wong, and the beginning of his second 8-year term as Dao Li Jiao Interpreter (Zong Shi v v).  After a unanimous vote of all the Members, Dr. Wong agreed to continue as Interpreter for another term.  He reports that at age 75 he is in good health and looking forward to another 8 years of strong membership growth and increased understanding of the Way of Reason.  As are we all.  Here・s wishing you the best birthday ever, Dr. Wong, and at least twice as many Happy Returns!!


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